How can I Prevent Fraud And Corruption

Eliminating the risk of Fraud and Corruption within any organization is not a choice but a critical essential.

Let us eradicate the risk of having the presence of fraud and corrupt individuals that you are completely unaware of within your organization.

Stop Them at the Front Door !


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The root cause is usually embedded in certain staff within the organisations. The question that needs to be answered is: How do we detect the propensity for criminal behaviour of the people we are hiring or who are already members of our organisation?


Larry, as shown in the previous video, (Unique Functional Concept) was talking about personal characteristics or values. We cannot stress how important personal values are, yet they are totally ignored in the traditional recruitment process. To think that we can identify any dishonest tendencies in people through resumes and interviews is an illusion. Yet we continue hiring, with conventional processes that have proven to be inadequate, giving the fraudsters a foothold to operate within any organisation.


If we want to have any chance at reducing the costs of, and solving the fraud and corruption syndrome which is costing the economy billions of dollars per year, we need to address the problem at the source by identifying the undesirable individuals operating within the organisation.


All the regulations in the world will not solve the problem, as internal fraud can go undetected for years. The reason for this is that the criminal elements are frequently operating as syndicates within the organizations by involving a number of parties. 


For example, we recently uncovered a syndicate within an organization which would have never been detected by the normal diagnostic or auditing tools no matter if they were internal or external investigators. In this instance it was the Head of Security in the organisation who was the leader of the syndicate. He was also part of the team trying to identify the criminal element within the organization.


He had the General Manager, Chief Auditor and the Distribution Manager in his pocket and, as the Head of Security, orchestrated the whole operation. Management had tried to uncover those involved using polygraphic and various other methodologies, but failed to identify the culprits. What is evident in this case is that our Functional Auditing constructs, which cannot be manipulated without detection, provided the indisputable evidence which led to the arrest and conviction of the syndicate members.


This investigation was done through the Functional Audit process and was completed within a two week period from start to finish. This is a stunning example of the power of the Functional Audit program.


Illustrations and more details of this process will be available via our webinar sessions.


At present the majority of these types of crimes are exposed through somebody ratting on someone else.  Almost 50% of every act of fraud or corruption is discovered because an employee tips off the boss about someone else in the organisation. That is often ex-wives, partners in crime, girlfriends, etc.  All Functional Auditing does is ingeniously position criminals to "rat on themselves!"


A Functional Audit will draw the line ....scientifically detecting those who are being paid to do one job but are actually doing one that lies, cheats, steals or has an entitlement mentality will escape is very accurate in catching those the police and investigators can’t! ......It freely allows people to “Admit Their Own Guilt!” due to their manipulation of the audit.


A Functional Audit further uniquely determines the intensities of each individual’s personal standards or characteristic preferences and thereby one can easily identify their future potential to commit fraudulent or corrupt acts.


How many times and for how long are we prepared to allow these dishonest individuals to operate within our organisation before we take action to eliminate them?


Better Selection – Better Commitment – Better Integrity – Better Service-centric – Better Staff Retention – Better Community Interaction - Better Personal Satisfaction

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