Creating Harmony In The Work Place

 One of the most difficult things to manage is the harmony that is necessary between staff members, in order to create a culture where one can achieve both efficiency and effectiveness amongst fellow staff members. Research has proven that almost 99% of the time staff members are recruited for their hard skills, experience and track record.

Efficiency and effectiveness is just a couple of "Buzz" words that are used when top management attempt to create an environment where there staff members would be happy and satisfied. Yet the Human resource selection process never addresses the realistic issues in order to create this idealistic work culture.

The reason is that they simple do not know how.  Research has proven time and again that they always look for the things that they expect a person to do, and never address the characteristics required in order to live a fulfilled live style. A life fulfilled employee, is the answer to succes within any organisation.

The reality is that every time a new recruit enters a working environment there is a change in culture or the working environment, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The methodology or the consequences of not having a full understanding of human characteristics is like playing roulette and most the time it becomes an unrecognisable cancer that manifest itself when a lot of damage has been done. It is a very expensive exercise as efficiency and effective practices disintegrate into a place, where management spends their time putting out fires so to speak.

The reality is besides the in effective staff members causing chaos in the work place the risk of unethical people joining the organisation in this modern generation where morality or ethics, seem to be characteristics of the past. Many people do not understand what is meant by ethics. So what are ethics actually. The definition of ethics is the moral principle that governs a person's or groups behaviour or moral correctness of specified conduct. Without them the company is destined for failure and low productivity, resulting in huge losses.